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Inner Wellness


On the ground floor there is indoor and outdoor spa. The inner part is including relaxation room with whirlpool jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, steam room, and quenching tub.

  • Finnish sauna

    Sauna with a hot air of 80-100 ° C and low air humidity up to 15%. It strengthens the immune and vascular system.

  • Steam sauna

    Sauna with a temperature of 45-55 ° C and high humidity up to 100%. Has beneficial effects on immune and respiratory system.

  • Infra sauna

    The name of this sauna is based on the effect of the infrared rays that acts healthy on many diseases and their painful symptoms.

  •  Jacuzzi

    Provides relaxation in water at 38 ° C. Massage jets can be controlled and targeted on a different parts of the body.

  • Cooling vat

    It is designed for rapid cooling of the body after taking a sauna.

Outdoor Wellness


The outdoor spa is ready for experience in a bio barrel and a wooden tub for up to 7 persons, and is heated by wood stoves.

  • Biosauna tub

    Traditional sauna with high air temperatures of 80-100 ° C and low humidity, heated by own Wood stove.        

  • Wooden tub

    It provides relax in winter or summer, under the nightsky on a fresh air. Swimming in this tub cheers the mind, improves metabolism, increases immunity and reduces stress. (Water temperature 38 ° C)